Stephen Geri: DEBS

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Stephen Geri has 45 years of experience in the health insurance and benefits business.

Stephen Geri: Founder, MGA DEBS, LLC.

If there is one thing that Stephen Geri brings to the office every day it’s passion.  As the Founder and Managing General Agent of Diversified Employee Benefits Services, LLC, Stephen is committed to customer service above all.  Stephen is not only an insurance agent, he is a communicator and liaison between the insurance providers and his valued clients.  He prides himself on translating complex insurance and benefits packages into something tangible that his clients can easily understand.  Stephen has only two words for any client looking to make a major benefit or insurance decision: “Call me.”

With decades of experience in the health insurance field, Stephen Geri has built benefits packages of all scopes, working with small businesses and major entities such as the United States Treasury/OCC.  Other high profile partners that he has built benefits packages for include Credit Suisse North America and RFS Hotel Management Group, to name a few.

Early Career and Foray Into Health Insurance

Both Stephen Geri’s passion and focus have surrounded the world of health insurance and benefits for more than four decades, but this was not always the case.  Stephen entered the insurance business with a focus on life.  After a brief stint working in life insurance, Stephen’s career took an unexpected turn.

Always a highly competitive player, Stephen sought to reestablish his tennis skills when he entered a major tournament in 1969.  After an unexpected early exit, he headed for his car when he saw a boy practicing his swing alone on one of the empty courts.  Stephen struck up a conversation and began giving the young player tips on his mechanics when the boy’s father arrived and introduced himself to Stephen.  They discussed their careers and traded business cards.  Just a few days later, two men arrived at Stephen’s office on behalf of the man he had met on the court and asked that Stephen build out a health and benefits package for their oil company in San Antonio.

Having little experience with health insurance, Stephen saw the project as an opportunity to educate himself in another field.  He tackled the project and found a love for helping people and business owners take care of their health by building out custom benefits packages.  He has been focused on the health insurance world ever since.

Stephen Geri and DEBS Offerings

Stephen and the team at Diversified Employee Benefit Services offer a diverse array of products to serve almost any need.  In terms of client services, Stephen and the team at DEBS help clients build intensive Product to Premium Carrier spreadsheets that make the cost clear to the employer.  They offer enrollment presentations via an EBS or Employee Benefit Summary as well as Online Enrollment and remote conference capabilities.

See below for a few more highlights that make Diversified Employee Benefit Services stand out:

  • Alternative Benefit Plan Funding
  • Premium Increase Prevention Plan
  • PEO and Staff Leasing
  • Unmatched customer service

To learn more about what DEBS can do for you or your company, visit DEBS Insurance.

Watch the below video to hear Stephen give a brief overview of DEBS offerings:

Giving Back

Through Diversified Employee Benefit Services, Stephen works with major pharmaceutical companies to provide life saving drugs to children of low-income families who wouldn’t be able to afford them on their own.  Stephen helps facilitate applications for these programs with Merck and other pharma companies to help children manage conditions like juvenile diabetes, early stroke, crohn’s disease, and others.

Stephen is proud to be a part of DEBS and continues to dedicate his life to health and benefits packages and wellness education.