Health Insurance: Why You Need Coverage

Health insurance is imperative for any individual 26 years old and over, despite if he or she is currently healthy. The Affordable Care Act, which began in 2014, mandates that most Americans must purchase health insurance, even if they are questioning why they need coverage at all.

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Similar to auto insurance, you just never know when an accident, or in this case unexpected news about your health, will arise. According to an article published by US News, “Most consumers want and value health insurance, but they can’t afford the coverage or have been shut out from the marketplace because they have pre-existing medical conditions,” (Olivero, Why Do You Need Health Insurance?). However, many people do not realize just how affordable health insurance is. The Affordable Care Act has implemented new affordable options so that you cannot be denied coverage for health insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

If you do not have health insurance, there are many risks you could be taking, such as paying a penalty, financial ruin, denied access to preventive care and primary care, denied follow-up care. There is a $95 tax for each adult, or 1 percent of annual income, if you do not have coverage. In 2016, this price will increase tremendously to $625 per adult, or 2.5 percent of annual income (whichever is greater). In the event that an onset or serious illness, such as cancer or diabetes, occurs, or if you happen to get into an accident like a car crash or snowboarding accident, the bills you will be required to pay will be extremely expensive without insurance. If you cannot pay the medical bills, you may need to file for personal bankruptcy.

Without access to preventive or primary care, another reason you should buy health insurance, you will be unable to detect health problems or diseases at an early state. Without access to mammograms, vaccinations, or prostate cancer screenings, you run the risk of not knowing whether or not you are developing a disease, which could otherwise be easily detected. According to US News:

“Policies also must provide a minimum standard of care known as essential health benefits in 10 categories: preventive and wellness services, ambulatory care services, emergency care, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, pediatric care, mental health and substance use disorder services, prescriptions drugs and rehabilitative and habilitative services,” (Olivero, Why Do You Need Health Insurance?).

Without health insurance, you will not have access to any of these health benefits – so you must ask yourself, is it worth not being covered?

The answer is no. Even healthy, younger adults need preventive care, annual checkups, and chronic disease management. There is no guessing when you will need certain health care, or when your body will develop an illness or get into a skiing accident. These services offer a wide variety of treatment options for reasonable, affordable prices. Having good health is one of the most important things in your life. So don’t run the risk. Get covered.